Who is AFFIRM?

AFFIRM (Anglican For Faith Intercession Renewal and Mission) is a partnership of voluntary societies, groups, ministry units and individuals in the New Zealand Anglican Church that have signed the following covenant:

AFFIRM seeks to recall the church to biblical faith, the life of prayer, spiritual renewal and effective mission.

How to become an Associate Member of AFFIRM

Why become an Associate of AFFIRM?

Your Ministry Unit becomes part of a growing network of churches throughout the country that have joined together to support and encourage each other in their ministries. Membership leads to automatic access to all AFFIRM Conferences and day seminars aimed at strengthening the local church in its mission. The Voluntary Agencies that initiated AFFIRM offer their expertise and resources both written and staff in Evangelism, Mission Partnerships, Theological training and the best of New Zealand based world class Theological and Biblical studies. AFFIRM will assist parishes in finding staff members for parish and other ministries including assisting in the search for the Vicar of a parish. AFFIRM has within its reach people with considerable experience in leading growing healthy churches. In partnership with Presbyterian AFFIRM a steady flow of booklets are produced that will assist individuals and churches in developing their Faith and grappling with some of the issues that confront us as Christians in New Zealand.

Application Form for Ministry Unit Associate Membership.

An individual may also become an Associate of AFFIRM by completing the following form:

Application Form for Individual Membership.

"Credible Faith For A Secular Age" by Ron Hay

AFFIRM NZ was thrilled to have offered 3 opportunities to hear the Rev Ron Hay, Author of the book "Finding the Forgotten God - Credible Faith for a Secular Age".

These sessions were well received, initiating lively and creative conversation! Those who attended said how encouraging and helpful they had found this time, and large numbers of the book were sold - there are still some copies available...

Orthodox Canadian bishops statement on GS gay marriage vote

FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016 AT 01:25PM

A Statement from some Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada July 15th, 2016

To all the faithful in the Anglican Church of Canada and the Anglican Communion

At its recent General Synod the Anglican Church of Canada took the first step in changing its Marriage Canon to allow for the solemnization of same sex marriages by its clergy. The entire process, beginning with the hasty vote in 2013 and concluding with the vote and miscount this past week, has been flawed and has inflicted terrible hurt and damage on all involved. We absolutely condemn homophobic prejudice and violence wherever it occurs, offer pastoral care and loving service to all irrespective of sexual orientation, and reject criminal sanctions against same-sex attracted people.

Five Ways Christianity Is Increasingly Viewed as Extremist

Barna Group - Research Releases in Faith & Christianity • February 23, 2016

Society is undergoing a change of mind about the way religion and people of faith intersect with public life. That is, there are intensifying perceptions that faith is at the root of a vast number of societal ills.

Though it remains the nation’s most dominant religion, Christianity faces significant headwind in the court of public opinion. The decades-old trend that Christianity is irrelevant is increasingly giving way to the notion that Christianity is bad for society.

Parish Of Hornby, Templeton And West Melton – Full time Minister

Is God Calling you?

We are an evangelical Anglican Parish, who are seeking an experienced leader who is biblically focused and spirit-filled, with a gift of biblical interpretation and teaching.

We are seeking someone to guide our Parish and lead us through tough decision making in the future as we downsize from three churches in our Parish.

We have different types of services each week, Holy Communion to Family Services to Prayer and Praise evenings. We are looking for someone who is open to different types and styles of worship.