Who is AFFIRM?

AFFIRM (Anglican For Faith Intercession Renewal and Mission) is a partnership of voluntary societies, groups, ministry units and individuals in the New Zealand Anglican Church that have signed the following covenant:

AFFIRM seeks to recall the church to biblical faith, the life of prayer, spiritual renewal and effective mission.

How to become an Associate Member of AFFIRM

Why become an Associate of AFFIRM?

Your Ministry Unit becomes part of a growing network of churches throughout the country that have joined together to support and encourage each other in their ministries. Membership leads to automatic access to all AFFIRM Conferences and day seminars aimed at strengthening the local church in its mission. The Voluntary Agencies that initiated AFFIRM offer their expertise and resources both written and staff in Evangelism, Mission Partnerships, Theological training and the best of New Zealand based world class Theological and Biblical studies. AFFIRM will assist parishes in finding staff members for parish and other ministries including assisting in the search for the Vicar of a parish. AFFIRM has within its reach people with considerable experience in leading growing healthy churches. In partnership with Presbyterian AFFIRM a steady flow of booklets are produced that will assist individuals and churches in developing their Faith and grappling with some of the issues that confront us as Christians in New Zealand.

Application Form for Ministry Unit Associate Membership.

An individual may also become an Associate of AFFIRM by completing the following form:

Application Form for Individual Membership.

A Single-Minded Church

There are more married people in church than single people. You probably already know this just from looking around every Sunday—but here’s some data to prove it. According to a recent Barna study, less than a quarter of active churchgoers are single (23%). Comparing to the national average, the 2014 U.S. census estimates that more than half of Americans (54%) between the ages of 18 to 49 are single (either never married or divorced). Young adults are also getting married later in life. This means that your church should be filling up at least half of your pews with single people.

Shocking News— Conservative Churches are Growing, and Liberal Ones Dying

On 4 Jaunuary, that Washington Post published an article by David Millard Haskell, Professor of Religion and Culture at Wilfred Laurier University, titled Liberal churches are dying. But conservative churches are thriving.

The article is based on a Canadian study that found that conservative churches are still growing, while less orthodox congregations dwindle away. Haskell writes,

Blessing Same-Sex Unions – A Legitimate Pastoral Accommodation?

[Fulcrum by Andrew Goddard on October 10, 2016 in Articles]

As we move from shared conversation to shared deliberation, initially among the bishops, there are a number of important elements which must be at the heart of the discussion.  We do not start from a blank sheet.  The Church of England has set out its official teaching and discipline in relation to sexuality in a number of places over the last three decades (see summary here).  But we also need to recognise that the practical realities are much more complex (see summary here) and to consider how we got into this situation and where we might go next (a sketch is provided here).

Submission to the Working Group Appointed by the Primates

AFFIRM recognizes that there is a strong desire for change to allow people in life long committed Gay relationships to be ordained. While we cannot agree with this we would encourage those who seek this change to set up their own structure including being able to retain their buildings. Our concern is not to block the revisionist approach. Justice demands that no one be forced to act against their conscience. This cuts both ways. Hence our desire to see that those who seek change are given the freedom to do so without forcing others to comply.

AFFIRM held a number of meetings about possible structures culminating in a meeting in Christchurch where all of the comments and findings were presented and then preferences agreed upon. The clear preferences for all the meetings is that we would stay as we are and not go ahead with the recommendations of the "A Way Forward" report. If however this does not happen the following are our offers to the new Commission. 

The AFFIRM meeting in Christchurch was impressed with the FCA  submission and wanted to have it alongside the others so we have included it. They have it on their own website as well.

The three AFFIRM submissions forwarded to the Working Group appointed by the Primates are:

A) Extra Provincial Diocese. (This is the FCA Submission).

B) An Anglican Order of Aotearoa NZ and Polynesia.

C) An Eighth Non Geographical Diocese in Tikanga Pakeha.

To read the submissions in full, click on 'read more'...


Dr Bob Robinson, (PhD, London) is Senior Research Fellow at the Christchurch campus of Laidlaw College and a long time friend and supporter of AFFIRM NZ.

Bob highlights that in the last decade or so, there has been a rich renaissance of high-quality Christian apologetics and his description and assessment of the best six of these is contained in this highly worthwhile selection of book reviews.  Go to https://wwwlaidlaw.ac.nz/stimulus/stimulus-nov-2015/ for the full article.