AFFIRM Parish Feature: St Elizabeth's of Clendon

It is always exciting to be able to share in the journey of the 26 AFFIRM Parishes across the country...

This month the Team at AFFIRM are thrilled to extend our congratulations to Rev Glenn Paddison, Vicar of St Elizabeth's Anglican Parish of Clendon, in recently gaining a Master's in Theology!

Capping Photo to follow...


Congratulations also to three new AFFIRM Associate Members:


Younger Practicing Christians and Same-Sex Marriage

It is often stated that younger practicing Christians are more in favour of same-sex marriage than older practicing Christians. While this is true, recent research carried out by Barna Research shows that, on this issue, younger practicing Christians are more closely aligned with older practicing Christians than they are with members of their own age group. In fact the gap between them and people of their own age on this issue is wider than the gap between older practicing Christians and those of this older age group.

Outliers and Iconoclasts

May 8, 2015 by  

I have been writing about mainstream and fringe scholarship, and defending the sometimes unpopular idea of mainstream orthodoxy, or the scholarly consensus.

Blogging on any religious topic invites wacky comments and responses. As one example of many, I had a commenter not long ago who asserted that most of what Christians believed about their origins was utterly wrong.

What a Difference a Leader Makes

[From Barna Update, February 18, 2015]

You've probably heard it said that people don't quit jobs, they quit bosses. It's a common leadership maxim—often issued as a word of warning to those stepping into leadership: a bad boss can ruin even the best of jobs. But is the opposite also true? Can a good boss lead to less turnover? And what are the qualities that employees think make for a good leader—or a bad one?