Who is AFFIRM?

AFFIRM (Anglican For Faith Intercession Renewal and Mission) is a partnership of voluntary societies, groups, ministry units and individuals in the New Zealand Anglican Church that have signed the following covenant:

AFFIRM seeks to recall the church to biblical faith, the life of prayer, spiritual renewal and effective mission.

What we hold in common:

We uphold the creedal beliefs of the Anglican Church, and affirm especially:

  1. The love of God as the source and motive of our life and mission;
  2. The Lordship of Jesus Christ over the church and the world;
  3. The authority of the Bible as God's living word to individuals and communities;
  4. The Holy Spirit's gifting of all Christian women and men for their varied ministries;
  5. The centrality of evangelism within the whole mission of the church;
  6. The need for continuing renewal of local congregations as living communities of faith and love;
  7. The priority of prayer and worship as under girding all Christian life and action.


Our Constitution