From the Staff - A Story of Encouragement at God's marvellous Provision!

We decide these things can probably start in June or July while the situation may have changed by people getting food from their farms. But you know what happened, I forgot to correspond our big outreach beofre Easter! We had invited people from the Cathedral of Holy Spirit in Dodoma, people from Mpwapwa and people from Iringa and Manyoni. All the old DCT were invited to come and evangelize and see our worker! But you know what? We sent the invitation the end of December, but sadly while transferring the outreach from March 23-26 to August, we forgot end to inform them! So today without our knowledge we started receiving teams and choirs here in Kondoa as the plan was outreach for Kondoa Town! So many people from far away as Iringa came today! But you what we did not have was food to feed them or any money to hold the outreach! Both Pastor Kaka and I panicked! The Holy Spirit forced me to go to the bank to check if there was anything that remained into my account, but I thought to myself it will be a shame for me tell a banker to check my account and find nothing as I am not expecting money from anywhere! But you know the Holy Spirit kept forcing me to go to the bank, eventually I decided to obey the Holy Spirit's small voice! I went to the bank? You will understand what happened to me to the bank, to my surprise the banker told me there was USD 1551.56 plus USD 30 that was keeping the account alive! I asked the banker lady where the money was from and she told me from someone called David Pearce in New Zealand! What miracle one could expect, the money came yesterday! God has removed our shame! I just called my driver and went to buy food and other needs for the big outreach! As I write it is night and there are so many people at the church, the church is full and the gospel is preached - at the moment healing ministry is going on and many Muslims have come forward to be prayed for their diseases and some of them are falling down as they are posessed with evil spirits! God has come to visit His people in Kondoa! This is our God!

Thank you so much for sending your support at this critical moment! We praise God who spoke to you through the Power of the Holy Spirit that you decided to send the support at this particular time! I did not expect to receive support from you because just recently we received a big donation from you that helped us feed our Pastors! But this support has gone straight to support our big outreach in the town of Kondoa. It was God's eternal purposes that we forgot end to correspond our crusade because of hunger because God knew he will provide! Truly this is our God! One of the great miracles in my life!

May God fill you with joy and peace as you continue to listen to his small voice of the power of the Holy Spirit!

Blessings and peace,

Bishop Given."

We trust this testomony blesses you as it did us - it may interest you also to know that David Pearce has written a wonderful book called "Kondoa" and proceeds of this book are sent regularly to support ministry in Kondoa. It is wonderful to be encouraged by seeing a snippet of His master plan.

Blessings to you all,

The Staff at AFFIRM