AFFIRM Report on General Synod 2018

  1. A team of up to 10 people met twice a day in New Plymouth to pray for the General Synod. Thank you to those of you who could not be present but prayed in support also.
  2. Despite the Conservative / Orthodox voice speaking and voting against motion 29, the motion was passed by a majority at the General Synod on the 9 th May 2018.
  3. Bishops may, when asked, agree to clergy blessing same gender couples who have had civil union or civil marriage services.
  4. The question of ordination was left deliberately vague and some Bishops will take that to mean that they can ordain someone in a same sex relationship who has been through a blessing service.
  5. Despite this AFFIRM will remain as part of this Church and continue to bring our voice to any future debates.
  6. The AFFIRM submission for new Christian Communities to be established has been accepted 
  7. Most importantly any Parish that joins the Community will be assured that future clergy appointments to that Parish MUST have the same theology as the Parish when it joined the Christian Community.
  8. A Constitution for the Christian Communities, already in draft form, is being completed.
  9. The motion from Auckland to review Christian Marriage was defeated.
  10. We will be sending more detailed information on 6 and 7 above shortly outlining where wego from here.
  11. We will be calling meetings of the various AFFIRM groups around the country in the next few weeks to share in detail what AFFIRM will be doing.
  12. In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact Paul Williamson, Lorraine or Pete Lloyd.
  13. It is of the utmost importance that we now turn our focus to how to reach this Nation for Christ and the Church. We know that this is at the top of the agenda for all of us. AFFIRM will now be able to focus on this and the Christian Community network will provide a strong new platform to unite and resource parishes in this mission.

11 May 2018